Take the short "Golf IQ" quiz now (It'll only take about 60 seconds)
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What the Pros Know
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Because what 99% of amateurs THINK they know about hitting the ball is
just DEAD WRONG. These silly misconceptions are killing your game and
leaving you humiliated and frustrated after every round.

Well that's about to end! This breakthrough quiz will quickly bring you "up to speed"
revealing the little-known secrets to consistently crushing
longer, straighter, more powerful golf shots.

Hi. It's Doc O'Leary, head golf nut over here at OHP Golf.

For over 23 years I've been tapping into the brains of professional golfers to discover exactly what they know that the rest of us mere mortals don't know. You'd be surprised.

Over the decades I've discovered a handful of screwy ideas that most amateurs get locked into their heads – and it's hurting their game. You're probably one of them. This quiz is a fast, fun and revealing way to see if YOU know what the pros know, (and I'll bet you don't).

Take the Quiz Now! The answers will shock and delight you. Here we go:


Score Slashing Ball Smashing - Golf IQ Quiz:

1: True or False. One of the most effective ways the pros increase their clubhead speed is to simply swing their arms faster.

a. True
b. False

2: What do professional golfers concentrate on most to ensure consistent and accurate golf shots?

a. Weight transfer through the ball.
b. A good comfortable grip.
c. Proper alignment with the target.
d. Smooth tempo and timing.

3: The pros agree: Correctly performing this one simple task will ensure you both a good solid "10 yard" chip shot and an additional 30 yards to your tee-shots. What is it?

a. Addressing the ball properly ("hello ball").
b. Knowing how to shift your weight throughout the swing.
c. Making sure the clubface is in correct impact position.
d. Stopping all head movement during the swing.

4: What best indicates if you're lined up to the target properly?

a. Your shoulders.
b. Your hips.
c. Your eyes.
d. That invisible line running along the tips of your feet.

5: True power shots are a "chain reaction" that starts where?

a. The left hand (for right handed golfers).
b. The inside hip.
c. The feet.
d. The shoulder blades.
e. None of the above.

6: What is the average core pivot speed of an amateur golfer?

a. 85 to 100 mph.
b. 50 to 85 mph.
c. 15 to 20 mph.
d. 1/2 to 1 mph.

7: Hitting a poor "fat or thin" shot usually indicates you're having problems with:

a. Lifting your head.
b. Reverse weight shift.
c. Poor set-up position.
d. A stalled pivot.
e. None of the above.

8: Which of the following would help you take your good "driving range" swings to the course?

a. Practicing on the range just before tee time.
b. Playing the same brand of ball you practice with.
c. "Seeing" each shot with mental imagery.
d. An established pre-shot routine.

9: What do pros say is the quickest way amateurs can improve their game?

a. Increased accuracy.
b. Better equipment.
c. More power and distance.
d. Greater stamina.

Yes! I Want To Know My "Golf IQ".

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