Turn Every Golf Club Into Three With Trajectory Control

Learning to control the trajectory of your golf shots is crucial if you want to take your game to the next level.

Trajectory control is one of the ways you can quickly multiply the number of clubs in your bag. Just think about it, if you can hit all of your clubs at three distinct trajectories it’s effectively like tripling the number of clubs in your bag.

As Bill McKinney showed you in the video changing the trajectory is as simple as moving the ball around in your stance and moving your hands more or less forward at impact.

To lower the trajectory of a golf shot (keep the ball flight lower) simply move the ball back a bit in your stance, and increase the forward shaft tilt at impact (move your hands ahead of the club head and ball). Both of these changes take loft away from the club.

A low trajectory shot is great for staying under trees, cutting through the wind, or getting more roll out of the shot.

To increase the trajectory of a golf shot (get the ball higher in the air) you want to play the ball forward in your stance. At impact you want less forward shaft tilt (although your hands still need to be a bit ahead of the ball and club head). You still want to maintain a flat left wrist, even for a high trajectory golf shot.

For these high trajectory golf shots you will be striking the ball right at the bottom of the swing arc. This means that you will take little to no divot on the shot.

This shot will feel more like you are sweeping the ball up. However you don’t want to try to flick the ball into the air, you must remember to stay down through the shot.

High trajectory golf shots are great for getting over trees or getting less roll from a shot.

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Go out there and try this technique.

For Better Golf,
Doc O’Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP Golf