Forward motion, Down the Wall ‘Ball-Strikers’ Secret

If you aren’t keeping the club inside (on the forward swing), you could be leaking some major power from your golf shots. When you keep the club inside you force your body, not your arms and hands, to do the heavy lifting. As you know, powerful golf shots come from the core not the arms. Learning to keep the club inside on the downswing is a great way to activate your core and get more distance and consistency.

As John explains in the video, visualizing an imaginary line which you swing along is a great way to train this. It’s even better if you have a golfing pal who can hold out a stick or club to give you objective feedback like John is using in the video.

Some instructors call this following the wall. This can help you visualize what you should be doing. When you follow the wall you will prevent yourself from coming over the top or casting, it sets you up for great hand position at impact.

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Golf Tip – Rotate Eyes to Target for More Golf Swing Speed

This drill comes to you from PGA Golf Pro John Darling. This tip is all about allowing your body to make a complete golf swing with full shoulder and core rotation.

Often time the biggest obstacle preventing a full swing is fixating on the ball. Sure you’re going to need to look at the ball during address, in the back-swing, and before impact, but looking at the ball any longer than that can freeze your upper body.

This fixation can prevent full shoulder and torso rotation which is necessary if you want to increase your swing speed. Even more important it can cause deceleration at impact and a whole host of other nasty golf swing problems.

The best way to fix this problem is to hit the range and use the drill in the video above. By making an exaggerated effort to transition your eyes to the target line earlier in your swing, even before impact, you’ll force your body to make a full rotation.

Take your time at first, focus on the rotation. You may also want to make it easy on yourself by teeing the ball up to get a perfect lie. Don’t let a chewed up range get you frustrated. Tees are cheep. By teeing the ball up for a perfect lie the only things you have to focus on are the rotation in your swing and transitioning your eyes to the target line.

Once you get this drill down you’ll be surprised at how smooth and fluid your swing gets.

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For better golf,
Doc O’Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP Direct