How To Load Your Wrists For Longer Drives

This week’s video tip is short but sweet. Check it out…

When it comes to loading your wrists the biggest mistake golfers make is to start loading from the start of their back swing. This is a big mistake. This will prevent you from using your core as your swing engine and cause all sorts of consistency problems in your golf swing.

As Nick says in the video you need to have a one-piece take away. That means you start the back swing with your hips, torso, and shoulders; never with your hands.

When your hands are level with your belly button or a little higher you can start loading those wrists.

Just remember that you need to have a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist at impact to deliver maximum power to the ball and hit long consistent drives.

Loading your wrists allows you to create a more powerful golf swing. It is important to keep this power stored (with a flat left wrist) until you deliver it into the ball at impact. Remember proper wrist conditions at impact are the key to consistent ball striking.

Proper wrist loading is just one part of a natural swing sequence. As you can see in the video, Nick, who is not a large guy (he’s about 150 pounds) utilizes great technique and proper swing sequencing to consistently drive the ball 300 yards.

His close attention to technique allows him to use his body effectively and out drive guys who are much taller and stronger.

If you watch the video you will notice that his swing doesn’t even look that fast, yet he can seriously crush the ball. That’s because he is able to store tons of power in his back swing and he doesn’t release that power until impact.

Bottom line…there is no substitute for proper form and knowing when to load your wrist is a big part of this. Now go grab your driver and try this out.

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Doc O’Leary
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