Greg McHatton’s Cart Pushing Drill For Longer Golf Drives

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We’ve all heard it time and again – power in the golf swing comes from the core. The problem is, unless you know how to properly use your core, this advice does little good. That’s about to change.

In the video above you find award winning golf instructor and PGA Pro Greg McHatton explaining how to develop massive power from your hips. The kind of raw power that translates into 300 yard drives.

As you can see Greg’s teaching methods can be a bit unorthodox, but it works, and that’s all that really matters. This drill is all about learning how to “drag” the club toward the ball using your core, instead of flipping the head of the club at the ball with your wrists. The key to making this dragging motion work is using your core.

Your hips lead this dragging motion by sliding forward. That’s where the golf cart comes in. We can all slide our hips forward, the question is can we do it in a way that delivers serious power to the golf ball. By forcing yourself to push up against a heavy object, like the golf cart, you will naturally put your lower body into a powerful position. This means your right foot is firmly planted driving into the heavy object and your knees don’t collapse toward each other.

This is also a perfect drill to teach you how to use and feel the ground in the golf swing. You can’t hit 300+ yard drives without feeling and using the ground beneath you.

The trick is ingraining this feeling into your body so you can repeat it without a heavy object to push against. Once you do that you’ll be able to tap into a whole other level of power in your golf swing.

This drill should help teach you how to lead your downswing with your hip slide, not your arms. The hips accelerate the club longitudinally, one of the keys to developing pro level club head speed. If you aren’t sliding forward you are missing out on this crucial longitudinal acceleration.

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Golf Tip – Harnessing Physical Forces

Hello again, it’s Doc…Good News — another golf video tip for you.
Understand this… and your golf swing will NEVER be the same…

This one is from golf pro Gregg McHatton – it’s solid advice,from one
of the games most respected teachers.

Tapping into your hidden power can start with a simple step
like this…look, you want to harness the power you generate
in your golf swing.You’re simply dead-in-the-water if you try
and over-power it…Get this down and you’ll learn to hit it hard.

…you can either avoid it…over power it…or harness it.

Try this cool tip -find out where you stand

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Soft Wrists

Doc here, I’ve got yet another cool video tip for you. This one is from Gregg McHatton, on how to tap into that “advanced power” already hiding in your swing.

Gregg shows you how to get your body to do the work and simply allow your wrists to remain soft during your golf swing. If your wrists try to do the work, well you’re pretty much “up-a-creek” if you’re looking for power – because when your wrists do the work your body or your “swing engine” will simply shut off… So, let your arms hang from your shoulders and allow your wrists to remain soft and remember… The wrists don’t provide speed, they allow speed.

Just check out this video clip:

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