Avoid Putting From a Static Position

golfer making a putting strokeFirst… avoid putting from a static position.

Okay… what does that mean? Well just this. You want to get some “movement” started before you begin the backstroke on your putts.

Too many amateur golfers have a tendency to freeze over the ball prior to making their putting stroke. This allows tension to creep into your stroke and that’s never good.

Putting Tension Release

Try this on the practice putting green a few times, simply line up your ball…settle in for the putt…then just before you begin the backstroke, perform two gentle up-and-down “taps” with your putter head.

That’s it. All you want to do is use this as pre-start trigger to your stroke.

This will help to avoid the kind of inaccuracies and putter head “bobbles” that come from a static start.

If you’ve ever seen Phil Mickelson putt, he has a definite forward press movement of his hands before he takes the putter back…again, creating some motion – not starting from a static position.

Second… about your putting stroke. Remember to focus on keeping the putter head low to the ground – this helps to keep the putter on plane, allowing the putter to swing from open to square to closed in a smooth, natural, and free-flowing pendulum motion.

These two tips will do a couple things for you. It’ll suddenly give you greater consistency and accuracy with your putts because you’ve avoided starting from a “static” position…and you’ll never again “stub” your putts because the “tap-tap” feeds your brain with a measurement of where the grass is.

This works best for me with a little reminder…My self-talk is: “Tap -Tap and Low”. You can use this if you like or come up with your own.

This tip is so simple you have to give it a try.

Good stuff that’ll instantly lower your score.

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