Golf Pivot – Using Your Core

Marc Minier showing how to use core golf pivot in the golf back swingGreat golfers know how to incorporate their large “core” muscles into their golf pivot for a more consistent and powerful golf swing. A strong “core pivot” requires less effort than focusing on your arms and it will deliver greater distance.

Amateur players are often lured into focusing on the speed of the club head (which they think the arms create). Club head speed IS crucial but you must let your whole body (especially the core golf pivot) do the work.

The Arms Create False Club Head Speed

If your arms are swinging fast around your body you’re only creating false speed, which will leave you with weak inconsistent golf shots. A line backer may use his arms during a tackle, but we all know the brute force is coming from his core.

The Core Golf Pivot Generates Real Club Head Speed

Marc Minier showing how to use core golf pivot for a stronger golf down swingA  golf swing involves rotation (the pivot) and your core muscles will help to stabilize your spine during this movement. In addition the winding up and rapid unwinding (golf pivot) action of the core during the golf swing generates massive amounts of golf swing speed. If you are using your arms correctly you can think of them as levers to multiply your core pivot speed.

Also, a strong core will provide better balance for your swing resulting in a stronger golf pivot and more consistent golf shots.

A great golf swing is all about transferring power from the ground up. The power travels through your feet, knees, hips, torso, shoulders and finally through your arms and hands and into the golf ball. Your arms don’t create power they deliver it. Your arms help to add structure to your swing and your hands are critical for aiming, but you shouldn’t rely on either to create power.

Marc Minier demonstrating shoulder rotation while using a proper core golf pivotYou can think of the golf swing as a chain reaction. Each link in the chain has a purpose. The core of your body helps to add the power you’re looking for, and your hands are helpful for the precision necessary to play consistent golf.

You need to find a way to help activate your “core” muscles to help you improve your golf swing. You should always perform some stretches before playing, remember warming up before you play will also help you avoid injuries.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing Using a Stronger Core Golf Pivot:

  • Turn with the torso starting from your feet, knees & hips as well as the shoulders and arms
  • Use the ground for backup support for your upper body through the swing
  • Create a stronger core for your swing that creates, stores, and then delivers the power to the golf ball at impact
  • Think about creating a bigger, stronger turn pivot with more rotation using your core.

Strengthening your core and golf pivot can be a big part of longer drives. Follow the link and try this core strengthening medicine ball exercise origionally developed by Ben Hogan.

If you are an older golfer and worry that lost flexibility is keeping you from using your core think again. Follow the link and learn how a little tweak to your setup can help overcome lost flexibility and add yards back to your drives.

Want to improve your golf swing? Well, it seems pretty simple, develop a stronger core pivot.

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