Strong Golf Grip vs. Weak Golf Grip

strong golf grip
The terms “strong golf grip” & “weak golf grip” can sometimes be misleading. You don’t grip the golf club any tighter or looser, and a strong grip won’t necessarily make you hit the ball any further.

Strong Golf Grip

A Strong Golf Grip simply means that (for right handed players) with the club face square to the target and the club resting on the ground your hands will be rotated to the right (more underneath the club).

A strong grip eliminates some player’s tendency to leave the club face open at impact. If you have a bit of a slice or a fade this may fix that problem. If you have a large slice this may be part of the problem but is not likely to make a dramatic difference. There are most likely other reasons why you are slicing the ball.

Many touring pro’s use a strong grip. However this does not mean that if you want to play better golf you need to have a strong grip. You should use whichever grip feels most comfortable for you and whichever grip results in better golf shots.

weak golf grip

Weak Golf Grip

A Weak Golf Grip is simply the opposite of a strong grip. Instead of your hands being rotated to the right and more under the club (for right handed golfers), you hands are rotated to the left and more on top of the club.

With a weak grip you will not be able to see the back of the back of the top hand if you are looking from the front.

A weak golf grip can fix a slight tendency to hook or draw the ball. A weak grip will result in you leaving the club face slightly more open at impact. Just like the strong grip a weak grip will not fix major problems in your swing that are resulting in hooked shots. If you are hooking the ball you may want to experiment with a weaker grip but there are likely other problems causing your hooked golf shots.

Below is a picture illustrating a Neutral Golf Grip so that you can compare it with the images above:
neutral golf grip

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