Simple Tip For Shooting Lower Golf Scores

simple score card trick to shoot lower golf scores

Here’s a very simple idea you might not have thought about to start shooting lower scores. If you’re struggling to break 90, 80 or 70 you might give this a try…It worked for me.

Mark your score card using these symbols:   (0) for par,  (-) for birdie,  (+) for bogey, (++) for double-bogey -instead of using numbers 3,4,5,6,7 etc.

Most amateur golfers have difficulty staying in the process, hitting just one shot at a time. Letting go of their last shot and simply focusing on the shot that’s in front of them.

Every time they mark their score down after each hole they’re reminded of the “double-bogey” they got two holes prior.

A good friend of mine would always say that ” score cards & pencils were the worse things that happened to golf.”

Why does this Score Card trick work?

Well, it’s difficult to stay in the moment when you’re staring at those numbers on the score card each time you mark down what you got on that hole.

When you use 0, -, + or ++  – you simply add up pluses or subtract the minuses and add that to whatever par is.

You might find this simple little trick will get you over the “scoring-hump” and start shooting some lower scores.

The first time I did this I broke 80 and shot 78…nothing to do with my swing or game just a simple trick I had to play on myself.


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