Teeing The Ball Higher For Longer Drives

When I tee off  often times my playing partners are scratching their heads or mumbling to themselves about how high I tee the ball up. They shake their heads wondering how I’m going to hit the ball. In their minds it’s teed up way too high, but they don’t know the secret behind the geometry.

Remember “Knowledge is Power” you need to first understand this before you can apply it and use it to your advantage.

Again, it’s simple geometry.

This too is an illusion that most players don’t see. If I’m on the range hitting tee shots,  I like to tee the golf  ball up high using the “big” 2 ¾” tees. I notice guys trying to copy me, thinking they got it figured out, only to “pop” up a couple of shots and quit.

Well I am here to let you in on a little secret. You can add some yards to your tee shots (20 extra yards at times) simply by teeing it higher and Hit it Longer  & Straighter.

Most definitely – the cheapest thing you could do to add a little distance to your drives. I’ll see golfers spend $300 – $400 trying to get a few extra yards from their drives.

Try this tip it’s a lot cheaper. The cheapest piece of equipment in your bag .02cents, a wooden tee, that’s a big savings.

Well, I’m here to show you and share with you how to use those Big tees, the 2 ¾”  tee.

When you know how it’s done you can use it to your advantage. Remember golf is a game of feels, you can mess around with the height, use what’s best for you. Some days the higher the better, some days you might want to tee it a bit lower depending on how your striking the ball.

Understanding this gives you another option, something else to add to your golfing arsenal. I love to tee it high and let it fly! O.K. let’s show you how it’s done.


  • Ball teed up high, about 2x usual height, using the 2 ¾ “ tee

teeing the golf ball higher

  • Ball teed up..holding the driver above the ground aligning the ball with the sweet spot on the club face.. during approach/ or set-up…hold the club in the air…

hold driver in the air when it's teed up higher

  • Now, simply relax your wrists allowing the club head to fall to the ground..notice the club head is not directly behind the ball…it should be lined up more on the toe of the club. ( this is what it will look like at address )

teed high address driver on the toe of the club

  • Balls teed up at varying heights…using the same steps as mentioned above, notice how the club head will vary in its position behind the ball at the address position…note the higher  the ball is teed up the farther the club head will be from the ball…it should look different, but this will allow the correct geometry to take place especially at impact.


Increased Tee height for more distance off the tee

NOTE:  Common mistake…with the ball teed high, many players will place the club directly behind the ball…setting themselves up for a poor shot…usually a “popped” up shot. Some bad things need to happen just to make some kind of contact with the ball (the left arm usually collapses at impact).

Good Things Happen When You Tee High & Line Up Properly:

At Impact…Scientifically speaking you’ll have free-arm throw out, meaning you can fully extend your arms through the shot. This helps you maintain proper wrist conditions at impact.

It’s easier to maintain the proper swing radius through the hitting area (maintain that line from the left shoulder to the club head). Another benefit is that it feels like you have more freedom to take a big swing through the ball. With the ball teed up higher there’s a sense that it’s easier to get the ball airborne.

Another thing to keep in mind is on the bigger faced drivers the “hot” spot or “sweet” spot on the club face is shown to be slightly higher on the face, teeing it high will be to your advantage. You’ll get a stronger ball flight; the ball will fly higher & flatter (equaling more distance).

The combination of the Launch Angle of the club & Spin rate of the ball, will be greatly improved by teeing it higher (the spin rate of the ball will be decreased therefore the ball will fly longer).

When teeing the ball up higher, your swing path will be closer to the Horizontal Plane.  Swinging on this plane will also give you a stronger ball flight gaining more distance and this also has a tendency to help correct a “slice” type ball flight.

Well, with all that being said, just give it a try, use the tips we walked through. I’m sure it will work for you. Good luck & have fun!

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