What Part of The Golf Ball Do I Hit?

What part of the golf ball to Strike?


It seems like a dumb question, what do you mean what part of the ball do you strike?– the back of the ball right – WRONG. I talking about full shots not little chips or putts however. If you bring the clubface square into the back of the ball, you have probably come off plane and are coming over the top…


So the simplest thing, as thinking about where to hit the ball is a big difference. You actually want to strike the ball at the point called the ”inside quarter (aft) quadrant” – If you’re aiming for and hitting the back of the ball, you are probably hitting a lot of errant shots…straight pulled shots, pulled hook shots, weak sliced shots…not to mention trying now to fix your swing, opening up a whole – “can-of –worms” – hey, just change where you’re aiming to strike  that point on the golf ball…

where to aim on the golf ball at impact

It’s important to know where you’re actually supposed to be hitting the golf ball, that’s where your focus should be – when you attack the ball during impact you’ll want to  strike the inside quarter quadrant, your golf swing remains on plane into the critical point of “Impact” –


Wow! Accuracy improves, you’ll start to hit more fairways, keep it in the short grass – stay out of trouble – yeah, lower scores immediately – your distance will increase – hit longer shots with every club-in-the-bag…consistent, repeatable shots….fun golf!


The solution for you to this simple little, never suspected problem – is where to put your focus when setting up to every shot.


”You’re not hitting the back of the golf ball” –you want to aim for and strike a spot inside of that ( the longer the club the more inside it is ). The reason: when your club face comes into the ball at impact it should be slightly open, yes open – when the ball is hit it stays on the club face for approximately ¾ of an inch – the club face goes to square then closes as the ball has left the club…so that is why you want to hit that other spot –not the back of the ball.


Try it – remember don’t stop at the bottom to check it’s happening way too fast –just put your focus on the inside of the ball and swing all the way into the finish…

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