Are you adding strokes to your score before you even tee up a ball?

By using the tee box strategically you can easily save yourself 7-10 strokes per round. How is that possible? It’s quite simple really, and it depends on whether your ball flight is naturally a fade, a draw, or the ever so illusive straight shot. Your typical ball flight should determine whether you tee up on the right side of the tee box, the left side of the tee box, or the center of the box. This allows you to use the whole fairway to your advantage, here’s how…

If you normally hit a fade and tee up in the center of the tee box aiming straight down the middle of the fairway, the chances of you landing on the left half of the fairway is virtually non-existent. The chances of you fading the ball a bit too much is probably not that uncommon and will land you in the rough. You are essentially giving up half of the fairway for no good reason.

The same is true for those with a draw, except they are giving up the right half of the fairway when they tee up in the center of the box. There is absolutely no reason to do this. Don’t just jump out of the cart and tee up your ball anywhere on the tee box, ball placement on the tee box matters, so play to your strengths.

If you hit a fade (for a right hander) you should be teeing up your ball on the right side of the tee box and aiming at the left side of the fairway. The result: If you happen to hit is straight, no big deal your on the left side of the fairway. If you hit your typical fade your smack dab in the center. And if your fade turns into a small slice your much more likely to wind up on the right side of the fairway than in the rough.

Pretty simple right?

The opposite is true for a draw, you’ll want to line up on the left side of the box and aim at the right side of the fairway.

Remember golf is a game of skill, but also of strategy. Nobody has a perfect swing. Great golfers are the ones who use strategy to work the ball around the course with the swing they have.

Tee box position is not a decision to go “brain-dead” on. It matters a whole lot, and ignoring it can land you in the junk all day long. This simple strategy can save you some serious grief and a lot of strokes. Who knows you might even pick up a few more skins through out day…

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For Better Golf,
Doc O’Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP