Secret To Low Powerful Golf Punch Shots

As you saw in the video the secret to a low power shot is to have a large amount forward shaft lean. This takes some of the loft off of the golf club keeping the ball flight low.

This type of shot can be used in many different ways. It’s pretty common to use a 4 iron for this kind of shot but other clubs work in different situations.

You can use a half swing and get a small 50 to 75 yard golf shot with a low short flight and a really long roll, or you can use a full swing and like Bill said in the video get up to 200 yards out of it (which will also be low and have a long roll).

The bottom line is that this is a very versatile golf shot, one every golfer should know. It can really save you if you wind up in the trees or on the edge of the fairway where you need to keep the ball low to clear overhanging branches.

Aside from being able to use this shot to get out of trouble it will also help you train your hands to stay in front of the ball at impact.

This kind of low power shot simply exaggerates the forward shaft lean to keep the golf ball low. If you have trouble getting your hands to stay in front of the ball or can’t seem to keep your left wrist flat at impact this is a great shot to practice.

By exaggerating forward shaft lean with this golf shot you will get the feel for where you hands should be during impact on a normal shot (sometimes exaggerating something is the best way to get a feel for it).

If you play around with this technique you will also find that you can start controlling the height of all your golf shots by simply changing the amount of forward shaft lean.

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That’s it. Now I’m going to go out and try that umbrella trick myself (at night while nobody’s watching). You should try it too (but it’s not my fault if you break your umbrella). Leave me a comment if you can hit the umbrella, or just leave a comment for any other reason, I love to hear feedback from other golf nuts.

For better Golf,
Doc O’Leary
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Lower Your Golf Score With Better Chipping

Chipping is a crucial part of golf. You can’t hit every green in regulation (even the pro’s don’t), so being able to chip it close enough to one putt is the secret to making or saving par, while your buddies are struggling for bogie or worse.

As you saw in the video getting the golf ball high is crucial when you need to get over a bunker, or any other obstacle around the green.

To get the ball high into the air with a chip shot you have to do a couple things to your golf swing. First you need to put your weight slightly back onto your right leg. Next you need to take the club back low and swing at a low angle.

Taking the club back low sets you up for a flatter swing arc in the downswing. This enables you to hit lower on the golf ball than normal. Think about it like you are taking the club and slicing in between the ground and the ball.

You want to keep the club low on your follow through too. This doesn’t mean you slow down at impact or stop your swing after contact, you have to hit through the ball just like any other golf shot (except certain bunker shots).

You have to keep your momentum through impact. Simply keep the club low on the follow through. This will keep you from trying to scoop the ball. Scooping the golf ball doesn’t get it in the air.

Don’t be afraid to bring your lower body into this shot. You still want a weight transfer just take it nice and easy.

Also try hitting these shots off of a variety of grass conditions. They are really easy to hit off of a fluffy lie, but you can still hit them off of short grass (it just takes some practice and confidence).

These shots are actually a lot of fun to practice, try popping the ball up and over shrubs and small trees. The more you practice the better feel you will get with these high chip shots.

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Now go out there and give these shots a try.

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