Loading Your Golf Driver Shaft For Massive Power

Getting your driver shaft to flex properly is one of the best ways to add major distance to your golf drives.

Golf club shafts are meant to flex in the down swing. This flex stores a ton of energy (like an archer pulling the string back on his bow). When that flex releases at the right point (at impact) you will be able to launch the ball much further than you would if you were to rely on swing speed alone.

The key to getting this flex to work for you is choosing the right kind of shaft. As you probably know golf shafts come in a variety of flex levels. They range from junior to double extra stiff like Bill is using in the video.

Just as he says you need to find the right shaft for you. If you are young flexible and consider yourself to have a fast swing, a stiff shaft may be right for you. If you are a bit older and not quite as limber as you were in your younger days, you may want to get a medium flex shaft or senior flex so that you can properly load the shaft (and still out gun the younger guys).

Now for the technique shown in this video:

Loading on plane means that you are not getting all whacky with your golf swing when you are trying to flex the shaft. Staying on plane is crucial. The key is using your base (feet, knees, and hips) to stress the shaft.

By having a strong weight shift on your down swing you are able to put enough torque on the shaft to load it without jerking down from the top or getting off plane.

Once you have the shaft loaded you need to keep it loaded until impact. If you “cast” or release your wrists before impact you will lose all that stored power in the shaft (not to mention you won’t have proper wrist conditions at impact).

To keep the shaft loaded you have to use your core pivot to drive the swing all the way THROUGH impact. Your arms simply won’t be able to keep the shaft flexed on their own. Now go out and try this technique yourself.

Oh and before I forget you should go check out Bill McKinney’s Natural Power Golf Swing you’ll be glad you did. You will learn how to load your shaft and many more insider tricks that will get you hitting longer straighter drives.

For Better Golf,
Doc O’Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP