High shots – Hybrids Hit Like a 9 Iron on Steroids

Making unexpected shots will take your golf game to the next level. To make these shots you need to know what you, and your clubs, are capable of. By thinking outside of the box you can easily get out of many tricky situations around the golf course and save par.

In the video above Golf Pro Bill McKinney shows you how a hybrid golf club can get you up and over a tree that’s right in front of you, and still have enough carry to reach a green that is 170 yards away.

Normally in a situation like this, most golfers would choose to get over the tree with a 9 iron, sacrificing distance and their chance to make it to the green. This is a safe shot, but there is another option. A club like a #5 Hybrid has enough loft to get over the tree and will give you the extra carry you need to make it to the green.

The secret here is knowing what your clubs are capable of, but also spending time on the range experimenting with different shots. For this shot you simply need to make a shorter quicker swing. By tweaking your normal swing just a bit you can turn your #5 hybrid into a 9 iron on steroids. You’ll be able to clear the tree without sacrificing your score on the hole.

The best part is, if you practice these kinds of specialty golf shots, they won’t even seem risky when you use them on the course, it’ll be business as usual. And did I mention hitting these shots is a lot of fun.

So do yourself a favor, next time you hit the range try some trick shots, it’ll help your score and you’ll have a great time. Click here for more great golf tips from Bill McKinney.

For better golf,
Doc O’Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP

Golf Tip -The Hybrid “Floater” Shot with Marc Minier

One of the biggest challenges in golf is that on the golf course there are hundreds of different types of shots you may need to make, yet you only have 14 clubs in your bag.

The solution, learn to hit clubs in many different ways. That’s where this golf tip from PGA Golf Pro Marc Minier comes in. In this video he shows you one of the many ways you hit a hybrid golf club.

The “Floater” shot is great when you need to get some serious distance (maybe from a not so good lie) but need the ball to get high, land softly, and have a short roll. Your traditional 3 or 4 iron simply won’t cut it for this kind of situation.

To hit this shot you need to do three things.

First, put the ball at the front of your stance (off your left toe). Second you need to close your stance so you aren’t reaching for the ball. Third keep your shoulders aligned with your target.

When you swing you are going to be swinging the golf club a bit softer than normal. You also want to make sure you are swinging the club along your shoulder line not along your stance.

The result should be a nice shot that gets high, carries a bit shorter than a full swing and doesn’t roll too far. Perfect for when you need a long shot to stick on a green. This shot should also fade a bit due to your closed stance and outside-in swing path.

This is just one more way to improve your game using hybrid golf clubs. As Marc said in the video you simply can’t do this with a 3 iron. Not to mention the fact that hitting a solid shot with a hybrid is so much easier than hitting a 3 iron.

If you don’t yet have any hybrids in your bag I recommend you check out my Hot Metal Hybrids. You’ll be glad you did.

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Doc O’leary
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Secret To Clean Golf Shots Out Of Fairway Bunkers

Landing in a fairway bunker can be a stressful situation. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and the right technique you can easily put yourself in a good position to save par or even have a shot at making birdie.

In this quick video tip PGA Golf Pro Bill McKinney will show you a few simple tips that will get you out of those pesky fairway bunkers with ease and confidence.

As you saw in the video your stance is crucial in a fairway bunker, or in any bunker for that matter. Keep in mind building a stance in a bunker is illegal. However digging your feet into the sand to get a stable base is perfectly acceptable.

Like Bill says in the video you’ll want to dig your spikes into the sand a bit. If you don’t do this you will slip around, especially if it’s early in the day and the sand is still wet.

Remember on most fairway bunker shots you are going to be using a full golf swing. This means a full weight shift. If your feet aren’t planted you will slip around. I’m sure you have experienced this before.

So make sure you always take a moment to get your feet fully planted. Even if your front foot only slides an inch forward it can cause some nasty problems in your golf swing (like forcing you to chunk the ball).

The other keys to successfully hitting out of a fairway bunker are: choking up on the club a bit, and aiming at a spot a little higher up on the ball to ensure that you hit the golf ball first not the sand. The last thing you want to do is hit behind the golf ball. Choking up makes you much more likely to hit the ball clean or a little thin (a much better miss-hit when you are in a fairway bunker).

The last thing to consider is what club to use. Hybrid clubs are a great choice for hitting out of fairway bunkers. They don’t dig into sand as easily as irons, so if you do hit the golf ball a little fat it won’t be a huge problem. The other advantage is that the shaft is somewhat shorter than a 3 or 5 wood making them much easier to hit out of a fairway bunker.

Now go out there and have some fun in the sand.

For Better Golf,
Doc O’Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP Golf