Course Management & Scoring

golf course viewThere is more to playing great golf than stringing together good golf shots. Golf is a game of strategy, and courses are designed to force you to either use great golf strategy or suffer a lower score.

There are two keys to getting lower scores once you have your basic golf swing dialed in. The first is understanding your strengths and weaknesses (not everyone can hit their drives 275 yards). The second key is developing a strategy for each golf hole that takes into account the design of the hole (where the course architect wants you to get into trouble), and also takes into account your particular strengths and weaknesses.

I know golfers who have dropped their scores by as much as 6 or 8 strokes without changing their swing at all. They simply learned how to manage the course and play to their strengths. This could be you too. Below are some links to pages where you can learn how to lower your scores without changing your golf swing.

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