Golf Training Aids

Golf Swing Training AidIf you’re completely in the dark about which Golf training aids work and will improve your swing the fastest, here’s some information that might help you.

Some golf training aids make big claims of how they’ll transform your swing, yet don’t deliver the results. On the other hand some are great and will do wonders for helping your golf swing. This brief review might help you save a lot of time, money and frustration. Don’t throw your hard earned cash down the black hole of ineffective golf training aids.

Golf Training Aids: What To Look For

A golf training aid should train you to have a more consistent, powerful and repeatable golf swing.

It should be simple and nearly impossible to use improperly. The idea is that you are using this to correct your swing. If it is too complex or easy to use the wrong way it could easily make your swing worse.

So you want to find a golf training aid that practically forces you to make a proper golf swing, or one that gives you easy to understand feedback (it tells you when you’ve made an improper swing).

A good golf training aid should also focus on an important area of the golf swing. These areas include golf swing alignment, the golf swing pivot, your golf swing impact position, and educating your hands and wrists.

Recommended Golf Swing Training Aids

Below is a of common golf swing errors or problem areas and links to pages about golf swing training aids that fix those specific problems. Many of these training aids are things you can make in your garage with a few tools.

  • Lead Your Swing With Your Core (not arms): Rope Drill teaches you to properly use your core and gives great feedback.
  • Develop Core Swing Speed: Mr. Hogan’s Medicine Ball exercise
  • Prevent Casting and Lost Swing Power: Swingers flail educates your hands.
  • Better Balance For More Consistency and Power: Simple 2×2 Balance Drill.
  • Aligning You Golf Swing: Easy no cost golf alignment workstation.
  • Get Perfect Wrist Conditions at Impact: Illusion Stik educates your hands and your eyes for perfect wrist conditions at impact
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