Increase Your Golf Accuracy

golfer begining process to his pre-shot routine on the driving rangeIf you want more golf accuracy, then you need to focus on your alignment. That means aiming or aligning your body and the club face square to your intended target.

Club Face Alignment and Golf Accuracy

Golf alignment starts with the club face. In your pre-shot routine, pick your target while standing behind the ball. Then walk into the shot placing the club behind the ball aiming down this target line. Only then do you take your stance by placing your feet parallel and slightly left of this target line.

In order to have accurate golf shots you have to control the club path and club face through impact impact with the ball.

You can either swing the club on a path from in to out, straight down the target line or out to in. The club face can be closed, square or open through the shot. These two things (club face and swing path) along with your alignment are going to affect your golf accuracy.


From Left to Right: Closed, Square, & Open Club Face

Your left wrist controls the club face, bending or rolling your left wrist will affect the club face position during impact, ultimately affecting the accuracy of your shots. This is true whether you’re hitting a wood or an iron.

Golf Accuracy Drill

To improve your golf accuracy start out by making mini-swings. Hitting little 10 yard chips working your way up to 30 and 40 yard shots.

Focus your attention on your wrist conditions through impact with the ball. You want to have a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist at impact. Work on this to increase the accuracy of your golf shots. You can discover small errors and easily fix them when you do this.

This golf accuracy drill will not only make your golf shots more accurate it will improve your ball striking too.

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