The Golf Grip

There are several different correct grips in golf. You have to find the one that works best for you. Below are some pictures and explanations of the common ways to grip a golf club.

how to grip a golf club step 1

How to Start Your Golf Grip

This is the beginning step of all grip styles.

  • Place the end of the golf club across your hand as shown on the left.
  • The end of the grip should rest on the heel pad of your hand on the pinky finger side.
  • Your index finger should lightly cradle the grip.

If your clubs are slightly to long for you then move your hand down an inch or two.

Bottom Hand Placement

basic golf grip

This is where all the variation comes into golf grips. However the general idea is to:

  • Place the thumb side heel of the bottom hand on your top hands thumb.
  • Next you want your bottom hand’s thumb to lightly rest on the grip and point toward the end of the golf club.
  • Finally your bottom hand’s index finger should lightly cradle the underside of the golf club grip.

This is the basic ten finger golf grip.

Golf Grip Variations:

There are several variations off this basic grip. Click on the links below to learn how to use these variations on the basic golf grips.

Interlocking Golf Grip
Overlapping Golf Grip
Split Hand Golf Grip
Strong vs. Weak Golf Grip

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