Pushed Golf Shot

A pushed golf shot is a shot that goes right of the target. A pushed shot is not the same as a sliced golf shot or a fade. A slice or fade curves to the right during flight because of the spin of the ball. A slice or a fade may start out straight and slowly curve to the right.

A pushed golf shot flies right of the target from the moment of impact. It may also be sliced but they are not the same.

The Good News About Fixing a Pushed Golf Shot

If you’re hitting a pushed golf shot well, you’re most likely lined up to the right. Wow, that was easy.

Okay, fixing a golf push shot might not always be that easy, but a push shot is better than a pulled shot. There are some good things also going on in your swing, like an inside out swing path and probably a square club face through impact.

So, again think of all the good stuff that’s happening in your swing. The club head is moving on a good path from the inside to the outside, and the face is square.

The key is that you don’t want to try and fix what’s not broken! Your swing may actually be pretty good so don’t let any of your buddies get you all out of whack with bad advice. Below are some simple problems that may be causing your pushed golf shot.

Improper Alignment

golfer aligned right hitting a pushed golf shotLet’s look at how your body is aligned. How are your hips, shoulders, and feet aligned in relation to your target line?

Are you dealing with some alignment “illusions” and aimed right of your target (without knowing it) causing you to block the shot or hit a push shot to the right, usually into the tree line?

This alignment problem causes your arms and hands to swing on a line that is parallel to your hips, feet and shoulders creating a pushed golf shot.

Improper Ball Position

golf ball position inside left heelAlso, look at where you are playing the golf ball in relation to your left heel, are you playing the ball too far back towards the middle of you stance? If so the club face isn’t going to have time to square up.

A simple fix may be to move the ball forward in your stance (as seen in the picture to the left).

Oftentimes to correct a pushed golf shot you simply need to correct your aim or alignment. Moving  your body (feet, hips, and shoulders) more to the left of your intended target line.

This opening of the body to the left will allow you to swing on this inside to out path more easily with the arms and hands towards your target. Now your pushed golf shot will split the middle of the fairway.

Working With a Pushed Shot

I actually like to set up on the right side of the tee box aim left and hit what feels like to me like a big pushed shot.

aim left and hit a pushed golf shotThis type of alignment also helps with your impact conditions through the ball, like having a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist at impact.

Working with a pushed shot (if it works for you) is where a good pre-shot routine comes in handy. Stand behind your ball, pick a target, walk into the shot, set the club, align your body slightly left of that target line, and make a good smooth swing through the ball.

As long as you know that you hit a slight push shot and align yourself accordingly it will not be a problem.

If this is you simply line up slightly left and make sure your ball position is inside your left or front heel.

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