Golf Swing Finish

The “finish” section of the golf swing begins at the moment both of your arms are fully extended after impact until your arms are folded over your front shoulder. Although you have already hit the ball you still need to focus on a proper golf swing finish.

If you have a correct golf swing you will have to swing all the way through to the finish to complete the motion. Fixating on impact can result in you stopping your motion prematurely, or decelerating before impact. Focusing on a good golf swing finish position will prevent this major loss of power.

And although you may not think stopping your swing before the finish affects how you swing, in reality stopping prematurely dramatically changes the bio-mechanics of the golf swing and forces your body to move and swing differently.

The golf swing is a complete movement. Changing the end changes the beginning because your body has to constantly keep you balanced throughout the swing. The finish is nothing more than a way for your body to come back to a balanced position after the swing. The golf swing is a dynamic movement that begins and ends in a more or less static position (address and the golf swing finish). Those static points must be balanced.

Foot and Hip Position During The Golf Swing Finish

Bill McKinney Showing Proper Golf Swing Finish PositionBy the end of the finish you should have transferred about 90-95% of your weight onto your front leg. Your front leg should be firm and straight.

Your back heel should be raised and you should be standing on your toes.

Your hips should be facing your target. A common teaching phrase is that your belt buckle should be facing the target.

Arm Position During The Golf Swing Finish

Both of your arms should fold over your right shoulder during the finish. Your hands will wind up right behind your head and the club will be pointing downwards.

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