Golf Shank Fix: How to Stop Hitting Shots off the Hosel

When you find yourself hitting shots off the hosel of the club, well, that’s not good. The ball tends to shoot straight to the right. Something we call a golf shank.

Most golfers don’t even like saying the word for fear it might creep into their swing. If you find yourself hitting shots off the hosel of the golf club below are some things to look at.

Stop Hitting The Dreaded Golf Shank (shots off the heel or hosel

how to avoid golf shanks

  • Check  your set up to see whether you are standing too close when you address the ball. Do your hands have enough room to make a solid swing?
  • Are you shifting your weight out onto your toes during your downswing? Make sure you address the ball with your weight evenly on the balls of your feet.
  • Make sure that you stay relaxed with no tension in your arms and hands. Your fear of hitting the ball off the hosel or shanking it may actually have a lot to do with this problem. When you’re really tense you’re not able to let the club “release” through the shot, allowing the hosel to strike the golf ball first.
  • Oftentimes the best thing you can do is stop thinking so much. Don’t freeze up over the ball. Get in the habit of making a good pre-shot routine. Walk into the shot, take a breath, and pull the trigger.

If you follow these simple suggestions your golf shank will probably disappear.

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