Golf Follow Through

Golf Swing Follow ThroughThe golf follow through is often misunderstood as everything that happens after impact with the golf ball.

Golf Follow Through Breakdown

The golf follow through is actually a very small part of the golf swing. It starts right after impact and extends 18 to 24 inches past impact, or more specifically until the point where both of your arms are fully extended.

The golf follow through is extremely important because if you stop focusing at impact you will lose a ton of power and distance from your golf shots.

Many people think that when you talk about golf follow through all your really need to do is make sure that you aren’t stopping your swing at impact or decelerating. While those are serious problems there’s more to it than that.

It’s not enough to simply follow through it’s all about how you follow through. It all comes down to your wrist conditions. As you know you want a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist at impact. But you also need to carry these conditions as far into the golf follow through as you can.

As you can see, in the image above, at the end of the golf follow through (when both arms are fully extended) your wrists will have to start rotating, but until then focus on having a flat left wrist. This ensures that you keep a flat left wrist not just until impact but through impact. Focusing on on your wrist conditions during the fraction of a second where you hit the ball is impossible so we are forced to focus on what we do with them right before and right after impact.

For this reason it is crucial that you focus on carrying a flat left wrist as far into your golf follow through as possible.

Click the link to see a video of what impact and follow through should look like, and how focusing on proper follow through can improve your golf swing.

Additional Golf Follow Through Tips

During the follow through portion of your swing roughly 70-80% of your body weight should be on your front leg.

At impact your left arm should be straight but your right arm will still have a little bend in it. The follow through is where your right arm straightens out until both arms are locked out. At that point your are beginning the “finish” section of your golf swing.

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