Shoot A Low Golf Score By Breaking Down Each Hole

Whether its for fun, respect, or you’re playing a little money game you always want to figure out a way to score low and out score your opponent. When you think about it, isn’t that what playing golf is all about, shooting a low golf score?

Strategy For Shooting a Low Golf Score

What all golfers should have is a good strategy of how they are going to work their way around the course hole by hole and shot by shot with the fewest strokes.

A good approach for you might be to simply split each hole into segments.

This may seem like common sense to seasoned golfers, but the average golfer usually just steps up to their ball and gives it a whack without any specific thought in mind. If this is you then today is your lucky day. Having a clear strategy will help you to focus on each shot at hand, and shoot a low golf score.

Connecting The Dots For A Low Golf Score

A good scoring strategy on the golf course is to look at each shot as if you were just “connecting the Dots.”

What do I mean by that?  Well, basically how are you going to get your ball from point A to point B. Lets say you are playing a 530 yard par 5. You must decide if that’s going to be 2, 3, or 4 shots to the green. What you choose is dependent on your skill level.

Lets say you choose 3 shots to the green so you have 2 strokes to put and make par. Now you simply proceed to connect the dots.

First picking a spot in the fairway off the tee say 240 yards out that’s “dot #1” (try and be very specific with a “target” your hitting to).

Then you want to advance the ball 200 yards down the fairway to around 90 yards out from the green, that’s “dot #2.”

Now, you want to connect that second “dot” with your final shot to the green using a nice smooth wedge or sand wedge.

You won’t hit the green every time, but if you do this you follow this strategy I guarantee you will be putting for birdie more and more often (not to mention you’ll be more likely to shoot a low golf score).

The secret is to not think about the total yardage of the hole. Instead break it into smaller segments and simply connect the dots.

Once your strategy is set you’ll want to have a pre-shot routine, walk into your shot, take a breath and swing.

After each shot simply go to your ball and go through the same process, “connecting the dots” from the tee to the cup.

Remember, aim to a specific target, “connect-the-dots.” There’s never a need to try and force any shots, stay realistic and play your best golf. If you do this your confidence will grow on the course making the whole experience less stressful (and a lot more fun).

Shooting a low golf score is easier than you think when you break down every hole this way.

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