The Pulled Shot

A pulled golf shot is a shot that goes left of its target (right of the target for lefties). A pulled shot is not the same a a hook or a draw. A pulled shot flies left of the target from the moment it is hit. A draw or a hook curve left because of the spin on the ball. Hooks and draws often start out straight then curve left, a pulled golf shots start out to the left.

It is possible to pull a shot and hook it too. That would mean it started out left of target then curved even more left of the target.

How to Stop Pulling Golf Shots

Aiming golf shot left causing a pulled shotIf you’re hitting the ball left, you may simply be lined up incorrectly. There are two possibilities here. You are either not aligned to your target properly (learn proper alignment), or the ball position is too far forward in your stance. Both of these errors can lead to a pulled shot.

Those are the two easy fixes. There can be other sources of a pulled golf shot too.

Other Causes of a Pulled Shot in Golf

Poor golf swing sequencing can be another reason why you’re creating a pulled shot.

What happens is your shots start out on a line way left of your intended target. A lot of pulled golf shots are hit pretty solidly, kind of like a baseball ripped down the third base line.

Use your core for a stronger golf swingThe problem isn’t that you are making poor contact. A common real reason golfers are hitting a pulled shot is poor hip action.

Like most high handicap golfers,¬†you probably aren’t turning your hips enough. Because of this you begin your downswing with your shoulders.

When your hip turn stalls it forces your shoulders and arms to pull the golf club across your target line (an over-the-top swing).

This over the top swing will cause your shots to start on a line left of your intended target then do 1-of-3 things: fade, hook (going further left) or fly straight but left of target. These three different ball flight patterns depend on the angle of your club face at the moment of impact.

Pulled Golf Shot Cure: Focus On Proper Hip Action

To stop pulling your shots left you need to make sure you rotate your left hip toward the target as you shift your weight from your right foot to your left (front) foot.

Start your downswing from the ground up (feet and knees) and with your left hip turning. This will give you the correct sequence of movements: left hip, left shoulder, then arms with the club and club-head lagging behind.

So, focus on the downswing starting from the ground up, then rotate your left hip with a stronger action from the top of your swing. As the hips work stronger just allow your arms to fall.

This sequence will help to position your club-head behind your shoulders, arms and hands creating a smooth swing path starting down the target line.

You’ll want to focus on this proper swing sequence, where your left hip is followed by your left shoulder and the club head is lagging behind everything else, on nearly every golf shot you make.

Pulled Shot Checklist

  • You should first check to see if your alignment is off and you’re just set up aiming left of your target
  • Be sure to start your downswing with your left hip, preventing the shoulders from opening too fast and causing the swing path to go outside-in giving you a pulled shot or a nasty slice
  • Also, check your swing path by examining your divots, they can give you some great feedback
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