Hybrid Golf Clubs

hybrid golf clubsHybrid golf clubs have surged in popularity over the past decade. In fact over half of all professional golfers carry at least one hybrid club in their bag.

Hybrid golf clubs are a cross between irons and woods. The idea is that in a hybrid you will have added distance and forgiveness from the wood style head, but the shorter shaft and increased control of an iron.

Why Use Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Hybrid clubs were designed to replace long irons which can be very unforgiving (easy to hit fat shots with).

Hybrid golf clubs are also ideal for hitting out of many types of lies in golf. They are great for tight lies (very short grass or hard pan) because the wood shaped club head prevents the leading edge from digging into the ground (producing the dreaded fat shot).

They are also great if you hit your golf ball into deep rough. In many areas were there is deep round you don’t have room to take a long sweeping swing with a fairway wood, but you want to take advantage of the heavier club head of a wood to give you extra power to cut through high grass.

hybrid golf club top viewThe hybrid golf club is great for this situation because it’s short shaft makes it easy to swing in tight spaces and its compact but heavy head gives your club the momentum to cut through serious rough.

Finally the shorter shaft on hybrid golf clubs are a great if you find yourself under a tree or any other place where you wouldn’t be able to make a full swing with a wood. With a hybrid you can swing in tight spaces and still get some distance off your shot.

As you can tell I love hybrid golf clubs, they just make a lot of sense. They are easier to swing, have great control, and can get you out of all kind of trouble on the golf course. Check out this quick video on the Advantages of Hybrid Golf Clubs.

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