Golf Pre Shot Routine Tips

Having a repeatable golf pre shot routine will improve the consistency of your golf swing, help quiet your mind before each shot and help you lower your golf scores.
All the pros have a unique golf pre shot routine that works for them. You don’t have to copy any particular pre shot routine, but you must have a consistent and concise golf pre shot routine if you want to improve your game and lower your golf scores.

Bad Golf Pre Shot Routine Habits:

The average high handicap golfer takes way too long to hit his/her shot on the course. This causes them to over think and over analyze each shot. They start thinking about: grip, stance, head position, left arm position etc.
If this is you you need to stop analyzing so much on the course. You need to keep these thoughts on the range, when you are on the course it’s time to just let it happen.

All of that thinking about every shot allows TENSION to creep into your body, causing all sorts of problems for your swing. A lot of golfers analyze until the are paralyzed. They have so many thoughts going through their head they can’t even take the club away for their backswing.

Oh, I’ve been there myself it’s no fun.

A Proper Golf Pre Shot Routine

The answer to over analyzing your golf swing is to develop a concise pre-shot routine (just 3-4 parts) you use on every shots. This will help your swing become more automatic, repeatable, and you will start to enjoy the game a lot more.golfer begining process to his golf pre shot routine on the driving range

Here are the Steps:

  • Walk into the shot from behind so you can properly align with the target
  • Place club behind ball
  • Take your grip
  • Take one more look at the target
  • Have 1 –2 waggles (help release tension and get muscles moving)
  • Pull the trigger
  • Move on the next shot at handgolfer in the process of his golf pre shot routine on the driving range

Golf is a lot less stressful this way.

The solution to this problem of taking forever to hit your shots is to create a simple concise pre-shot routine, like the one in this Golf Pre Shot Routine Video.

Do the work on your swing on the practice range, stop trying to fix your swing on the course. It will only slow things down and make you frustrated.

golfer walks through pre shot routine hitting a golf shotIf you create a simple golf pre-shot routine you’ll have more fun and it’ll be less stressful for you during your round of golf. If everyone out there played golf with a little faster pace who knows, we’d probably get to play a few more rounds and enjoy it a lot more…

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