Golf Slice

A Golf Slice is a specific kind of shot that curves because it has a lot of clockwise spin (if you are looking down on the ball from above).

A slice curves to the right for right handers and left for left handers. The curve in the shot is due to the clockwise (right handers) or counter clockwise (for left handers) spin.

A golf slice is a shot that usually ends up far to the right of your intended target. For some players this shot can curve 30 or 40 yards off line.

Excessive left to right hand spin on the golf ball causes a golf slice to occur. A small amount of left to right spin on the golf ball will cause what is called a fade. You can play good golf with a fade, so if you can turn your slice into a fade you’ll be in good shape.

What Causes a Golf Slice

aiming left, cutting across the ball and hitting a golf sliceThe cause of a golf slice could be related to your swing path, club face position at impact, and whether or not you’re allowing the club head to “release” through the shot into the follow through.

You may also want to consider whether you are lining up too far left of your intended target causing you to cut across the ball (as seen in the picture to the right)?

Check your stance and shoulder line (alignment). Make sure you’re not aiming too far left.

golf club -open club face

Open club face at Impact

A club path that’s moving from outside-to-inside (cutting across the ball as seen above) will place a clockwise spin on the ball.

If the club face is square and the swing path is outside-to-inside the ball will start out left of your target line and curve back to the right.

If the club face is open along with an outside-to-inside path you’ll create more spin on the ball resulting in a more severe golf slice.

The take-home message is to develop a swing path that goes from inside-to-outside, meaning you are coming across the ball from left to right. This limits or eliminates the clockwise spin on the ball resulting in straighter shots and fewer sliced shots. If you swing outside-to-inside too severely you will start hitting a hook. Getting rid of your golf slice is all about finding that happy medium.


Study Your DivotsFat Golf Shot Divots

You should take a look at the pattern of your divots. From your divots you should be able to tell if you are swinging across (outside-to-inside), square, or inside-to-outside?

How Grip Affects Golf Slice

Now take a look at your grip, if your left hand is turned more to the left, this would be considered a weak grip. This type of grip position tends to favor a slice.

You may want to try taking a stronger grip (your left hand turned to the right), this will help you close the club face through impact.

Learn To Hook The Ball

If you’re hitting a slice try hitting a hook then work your way back to straight. You need to understand what’s causing the shot pattern before you can correct or change it. So learning to hook the ball can help you correct a slice.

To hook the ball you want to make an exaggerated inside-to-outside swing path and keep the club face closed. Your divot should point forward and away from you.

Tee It High For Less Slice

teed high address driver on the toe of the clubTeeing up your ball a bit higher when using your driver can help with a slice. Teeing higher will give you a flatter more horizontal swing plane, so you’ll be less likely to hit a slice. There is a trick to hitting solid shots when you tee the ball high, click here to learn how, or watch this short “tee it high” video.

So in order to fix a slice there are two key areas that must be looked at and corrected, number one is do you have an open club face at impact and number two is your club path swinging outside to in across your body?

Fix both of these problems and you’ll start to hit more accurate, straighter golf shots.

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