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How to tap into more Golf Driver Distance

how to increase golf driver distance on the rangeThe differences in golf driver distance varies greatly from player to player. Why? There are a number of factors that go into hitting a golf ball well, especially when it comes to the driver.

The variables that affect golf driver distance include: how much club head speed you can generate in your swing, whether you are short or tall, young or old, and the biggest factor often times is how flexible you are.

Oh, yeah another biggie has to do with whether you’re playing with properly fitted golf equipment, that not only fits your stature but also your golf swing speed. Equipment can really boost or hinder your golf driver distance.

And of course aside from all those variable you have to have proper technique and strike the ball well.

How far should I hit my golf driver?

Well the best of the best, the guys on the Tour, are hitting their drives anywhere from 270 to 350 yards. Some really long hitters are even reaching some par 4 holes in one shot, that’s just crazy!

These pros are very athletic, in great shape, and usually very flexible. They are also using the best equipment, clubs, shafts, balls you name it, they got it. With all these advantages it’s no wonder they are able to hit such long golf drives

Some professional ladies on the LPGA Tour can hit it a long way too. They are hitting their drives 240 to 300 yards. Again being young and flexible is big plus for longer drives.

tips for getting more golf driver distanceMany handicap players think they hit their drives longer than they do. This can lead to problems particularly when you are planning out your shots for a hole.

You really want to play within your game, if you hit your driver 230 to 260 yards that’s really pretty good, considering you’re not a pro or low handicap golfer. This is especially true since you may only get to play a round of golf once a month. Keep realistic expectations and you’ll have a lot more fun. And there is no reason why you can’t make par with 250 yard drives.

How To Increase Your Golf Driver Distance

The best way to start boosting your golf driver distance is to start by dialing in your golf swing fundamentals.

It may be worth going back to the basics and checking your golf grip, posture, pivot, swing mechanics, rhythm, tempo, and balance.

If you become solid with these things and you practice good fundamentals, you’ll definitely increase your golf driver distance.

Club Head Speed

Greater club head speed equates to greater golf driver distance. Some of the long driver competitors have club head speeds up to 140 mph. Most PGA Tour players range between 105 and 120 mph. Some expert low handicap players have club head speeds in the low 100’s, but the average golfer’s club head speed is somewhere between 85 and 95 mph.

This leaves room for lots of improvement. If you want more club head speed you need to focus on your core pivot because that’s where speed is generated (not your arms).

Choosing the Right Golf Ball For Longer Drives

choosing the right golf ballSome golfers have added yards to their drives simply by playing a different type of ball (like one with less spin), sometimes gaining 10-20 yards without changing their golf swing.

Getting yourself a distance ball that might give you an extra 10 to 20 yards off the tee is an easy fix.

Golfers with slower swing speeds 80-85mph usually play better with a ball that has more spin. So look for a two piece ball that is softer and spins more. You’ll find they work a lot better.

Choosing The Driver Loft

golf club driver with 10.5 degrees loftAnother way to get more golf driver distance is to make sure your driver has the best loft for your swing.

If you have an average swing speed you’ll want a driver with more loft (10-14 degrees). Drivers with low loft angles like 8.5, 9 or 9.5 degrees require high swing speeds to launch the ball into the air and get proper ball spin. These lofts simply don’t work well for the average handicap golfer.

The Shaft Is The Golf Club’s Engine

choosing the right golf driver shaftYou also want to have the correct shaft for your swing. The golf club shaft is considered to be the engine of the golf club.

So, make sure you play a shaft “flex” that matches your swing speed and is going to do the work for you. When picking a shaft don’t overestimate your swing speed it will only hold back your golf driver distance.

Think about playing a shaft that’s flexible and accurate for your swing. Using the right shaft can increase your golf driving distance while using less effort, because the shaft will do the work for you. The kick will act like a trampoline to move the ball down the fairway.

Club Length and Golf Driver Distance

The length of your driver can affect your driving distance too. A longer club can equal longer drives.

The average driver length is 45.5 inches, but drivers can be 46, 47, or even 48 inches long.

The catch is that longer drivers can be less accurate. Shorter club lengths give you better control. That’s why some players are more accurate with a 3 wood off the tee (they are usually 43 inches long).

When it comes to your golf driver distance it usually boils down to good swing mechanics and solid fundamentals.

But you shouldn’t ignore the advantages of good equipment. Make sure your driver fits your swing. Take advantage where ever you can with a club that matches your swing speed in its length, loft, and shaft flex. And don’t forget to find the best ball that will work for you.

Hit ’em long and straight…

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